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Zahlee Wineries
Zahle, General View From Tal Shiha Statue  
Zahlee Monastery St. Elias At Tawak  

Lebanon - Zahle Tourism

  Zahle Attractions

Zahle is the Boss – Place of the mohafazat of the Bekaa and this is the third city in magnitude order and of importance to Lebanon.

This is a town that developed with the time without losing the principal characteristics of the town. The mentality Zahliote in particular, nearer east of the rustic mentality than of the one of the city-dwellers.

This state of mind does that the corporation Zahliote oscillates between the rural world and the urban world. Thus, we can measure the impact that the country had on the predominance of the patriarchal model in public life of the city.

Below are the main sites a tourist could visit in Zahle:





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