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Seeing in Zahle

Parents should encourage their Children to visit historical sites in Lebanon, especially that they can enrich their brains with the greatness of our old ancestors that lived and built our history.

Children Care

Useful Information For Children's
  • The total area of the Lebanon is 10,452 square km (4,500 square miles).
  • Lebanon coastline is about 225 km (150 miles) in length and is, on average, 45 km (30 miles) wide.
  • Along the coast are the five famous cities; Beirut, Byblos (Jbayl), Sidon (Saida), Tripoli (Trablus), and Tyre (Sour).
  • Kornet Asawda is Lebanon's highest altitude at 3,038 meters.
  • Lebanon has 4.3 million residents.
  • Beirut, the capital city, is the largest, with 1 million residents.
  • The invention of the alphabet took place in the land of the Phoenicians known today as Lebanon.
  • Lebanon was home to the first Roman School of Law of Berytus or old Beirut.

  • Lebanon, which represents 1/40 of the total area of the Arabia Peninsula, produces 70% of the publications in the Arab world.

  • Most Lebanese speak 3 languages: Arabic (official), French, and English.
  • In springtime, on the same day, you can ski in the mountains and/or swim in the sea.

Places to Show The Children's
Among sites that children can visit, Zahle is still a place that still have until our days places that kept theirs old appearance, such as the old souks, the Berdawni, etc.

Information From the Ministry of Tourism

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

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