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Zahle Presence

Zahle a noble Lebanese city, anchored in the history, situated to the heart of the Lebanon to mi-distance enters The South and the North, the west and the east.
She is at fifty kilometers of the capital Beirut. Situated to the foot of the Mount Sannine she overhangs the fertile plain of the Bekaa that was called a day, "the Silo to grains of Rome".

The city is built in a valley between two touchy hills of a height equals.
She is crossed by the river Berdawni that takes his source of the height of Kaa-El-Rim traversing its neighborhoods to divide it in two almost parallel zones:

1- The first one of the side Is understands the following neighborhoods: Wadi-El -Arayech, Al barbara, Al midan, Hawch-El-Zaraaneh, Al Maalaka, Al Karak, known under the name of Karak Nouh because it understands the tomb of Noe and the industrial city, is a recent neighborhood where concentrate the échoppes of craftsmen and the various industrial establishments.

2- The second of the side West understands the following neighborhoods: Al Rassiyeh, Sayiddet Al Najat known under the neighborhood name Al Maalifa, Mar Antonios, Mar Youssef, Mar Gerges, Mar Mikaeil, Mar Elias known under the Al name Daayha and Hawch Al Omara

The important area of the city is of about 35 km2 and his built area of 5 km2. The number of its inhabitants residents is estimated to about 150 thousand persons and the origin emigrants Zahliote to about 250 thousand persons. The most live to the Brazil, to the United States, to Canada and in Australia where they exercise an important role. Some take care of the functions of representatives, ministers, governors of states, judge and doctors and enjoy sometimes of a world-wide fame.

The Zahliotes grow 2,75% in average per year and divide up themselves on 25 thousand dwelling unities.




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